McDonald’s in Tolentino

This is a new opening with a total of 221 seats including inside and outside space. There is a McDrive Thru, a service which guarantees the possibility to order, pay and receive your order
directly in your car. There is also a McCafè where you can enjoy a high-quality coffee and a full variety of soft drinks and baked goods. Inside the restaurant, there are self-service machines to order.

To respect the present DPCM, since the Sixth of November, the restaurant is going to continue serving its clients with both take out and McDrive.
The takeout service is available from Monday to Sunday, from seven AM to ten PM. This service respects the actual law and guarantees the security and health of clients and workers.
Entrance to the restaurant will be limited to a certain number of clients at a time and all products will be given without contact from the personnel.
Orders may be placed either with the cashier or through independent kiosks, in which McDonald’s is currently using special cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

In this new restaurant in Tolentino, the McDrive service will be available every day from seven AM to ten PM. The placing of orders will be secure using the interphone, while the delivery will be through your car window without the any direct contact between personnel and clients.
Since the beginning of the health emergency, McDonald’s has managed the situation with maximum attention and responsibility, putting security and health as the top priority for its 24000 employees in Italy and for its clients.

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